The 7 Must-Visits in Essaouira, Morocco – Plan it Today for an Abundant Experience in 2024!

The 7 Must Visit Gems of Essaouira: A little island on Morocco’s Atlantic coast named Essaouira or Mogador is located 190 kilometers (2 hours) west of Marrakech. The aroma of fresh air and floral scents greets you when you arrive at Essaouira. The breathtaking aquatic décor astounds you constantly. Your eyes will be drawn to the vivid colors. The predominant colors in Essaouira are white and blue.

The city has a pearl-like appearance with blue reflections. This town is endearing, untidy, romantic, beaten, alluring, and depressing. Delicate spirits are drawn to this juxtaposition between the precious and frail. There, many artists from around the world have chosen to settle. Essaouira has the amenities that suit you, whether you prefer a relaxing vacation or one that is more active. You will get a sensory experience in addition to a voyage. The greatest locations and activities to do in Essaouira are listed below.

The small oriental streets in Medina moderate the architecture. A vibrant, inviting, and enigmatic life is hidden behind the modest white facades. Get lost in the side streets, unwind in Moulay El Hassan Square, or climb to the top of the Kasbah to see the sunset. The museum, souks, boutiques, and galleries are all worthwhile stops on your journey. The top activities in Essaouira’s Medina are listed here in detail.

Medina of Essaouira in Morocco the 7 must-visit place of morocco

Essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins are abundant in argan oil. Additionally, scientific studies have shown that argan oil is fantastic for the skin, hair, and entire body. Even while everyone knows the advantages of argan oil, only some people know how to obtain this magnificent oil. This skill demands knowledge that has been passed down through the generations. If you visit an argan oil cooperative, you will be astounded to see how argan oil is made. Essaouira is the ideal location to acquire Argan oil. Many stores in Essaouira sell argan oil at affordable costs. Please read our post on how to purchase argan oil, though.

argan oil essaouira medina morocco photo tour 7 must visits place

When you arrive at Essaouira harbor, the cold air and aroma of fresh fish are the first things you notice. This harbor offers a vibrant ambiance and historical design. Around the docks, the brightly colored boats congregate in incomprehensible chaos. The noise increases as fish baskets arrive. In front of the fishermen, seagulls come to steal from their stalls. The port also has a lengthy history.

A gate from the 18th century called Bab El-Marsa (Gate of the Navy) is visible. A stunning fortified bridge leading to the Sqala of the Port is located to the right of Bab el-Marsa. The Sqala of the Port, a sizable artillery platform built in the 18th century, defended the city from sea attacks. The whole guide on visiting Essaouira port may be found on this website.

Fishing port of Essaouira morocco

Mogador Island, where Eleonore’s falcons and seagulls can be found, has been designated an ornithological natural reserve. We discovered the earliest signs of human habitation at Essaouira on the island of Mogador. Merchants from the Mediterranean visited Mogador and the nearby islet throughout antiquity. They were Romans, Greeks, Cypriots, Phoenicians, and Carthaginians.

Archaeological digs there have uncovered their remnants. The island was seized and defended by the Moroccan Sultan in the 19th century. The island of Mogador has been abandoned ever since the end of his rule. Only the remnants of a former prison are visible. The island provides a wide-ranging perspective of the city, the shoreline, and Essaouira Bay. The crossing takes roughly 15 minutes. But to visit the island, you need special permission.

Essaouira The Island of Mogador, 7 must visit

According to a tale, the Berber residents of Diabat transported their sheep across the water to be sacrificed on the islets. All the islets that shield the city from waves are together referred to as the Purpuraires Islands. The majority of the islets were once one island that was gradually divided over time by the force of the waves. A little distance from the port is the islets. Ask the fisherman in the harbor to lead you to most of them. The boats have had it difficult in the past. You might walk to the farther-flung islets during low tide. The show is a little small. There isn’t much to find there that is intriguing save the birds.

islands of Purpuraires morocco

Many beaches have considerable ecological importance, with dunes, flora, woods, and water. Some beaches, such as Moulay Bouzarqtoun, Sidi Kaouki, and Imsouane beach (An Ultimate Guide To Visit And Surf In Imsouane Beach), are well-known worldwide. Others are hidden locations. Essaouira is a fantastic option for people who enjoy kitesurfing and surfing. Throughout the year, winds blow. It makes the city a well-known travel destination

Sunset on Essaouira Beach the seven must visits

Essaouira is always worth the journey. The Jewish sites in Mogador are a major draw for Moroccan Jews. A Jewish community has existed in Essaouira since its founding. In 1950, 20,000 Jews lived in the city, with 47 synagogues. The city still honors the spot where its Jewish residents helped give Mogador its distinction. The top five Jewish sites in Essaouira are listed below.

Morocco Jewish legacy The Rabbi of Essaouira 7 must visit

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