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An Ultimate Guide to read Before Visiting Imlil Valley Morocco

When one takes in the splendor of the land, they find stores of strength that will last as long as life itself. Are you a fan of the natural world? Do you enjoy being surrounded by a vibrant and passionate culture? Morocco is a wonderful place to go through. The Imlil Valley is also a masterpiece location in Morocco. It is one of its original treasures. You can find breathtaking vistas inside this tranquil refuge. While eating with the natives, you’ll have amazing experiences. Through the deepest roots, you will learn about the entire country.

A Tour to Imlil Valley with Photos

The Imlil Valley is a lush location in southeast Marrakech, Morocco. It is situated in the Toubkal National Park’s center. That is Morocco’s first national park. Imlil is abundant in beautiful natural scenery. It does, however, have a rich and remarkable cultural past. The indigenous people of Imlil are the Berbers. Additionally, they live a dignified lifestyle. In the past, they were renowned for being brave warriors and hospitable people. An Oasis in the Desert is Imlil.

The Imlil is a tiny town in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains. Mount Toubkal, the tallest mountain in North Africa (4167m), can be ascended from this location. It is also a fantastic place to launch several trekking expeditions.

Location of Imlil Valley Morocco

There is a lush area in the Imlil Valley. It was renowned for its agriculture of cherries, walnuts, and apples. The local economy was built on agriculture and grazing; today, mountain tourism is the dominant industry. Imlil Valley welcomes visitors from all over the world and from Morocco.

National Park Toubkal and Jbel Toubkal

Created the Toubkal National Park on January 19, 1942. after the Institute of High Moroccan Studies’ 9th Congress was held. In the High Atlas area, the Toubkal National Park was created. Its domain measures 380 km2. At 4,167 meters, Jbel Toubkal is the park’s tallest peak. The country’s richest biodiversity can be found in this area. At the time, the authorities’ top priority was to protect.

The most stunning forests of Holm Oak and Thuriferous Juniper and the highest peaks in the Atlas Mountains, including Jbel Toubkal. These trees have needle-like leaves and are native to North Africa. The extraordinary wildlife (brown trout, golden eagles, and barbary sheep). Lake Ifni and the scenic areas on the southern slope. The largest and one of the highest mountain lakes in Morocco is Lake Ifni, located at an elevation of 2,295 m.


Around the Toubkal Mount, the local authorities have set up four security posts. You must provide your passport or ID at the police checkpoints at each entrance. They can identify who ascended the mountain and who has yet to return.

A certified local guide must be employed. Consult the Imlil Mountain Guides office before any ascent of Jbel Toubkal or visit Chamharouch. They will let you know if a qualified mountain is available. And let you know what the rates are right now.

Backpack and Advice to Visit Imlil Valley

On the trek to Mount Toubkal, you must have your passport. At each of the on-route police checkpoints, you will be required to provide it. The Imlil center is devoid of ATMs. Only some locations also accept credit cards. In the High Atlas, altitude sickness is widespread. Stop and take a break if you start to feel exhausted. Avoid using tobacco and alcohol. Sunburn is a serious issue, especially in the summer. Dress conservatively and modestly. Wide-leg loose slacks and light cotton shirts are terrific choices. While being mindful of regional customs, you’ll feel at ease.

The People of Imlil Valley – Is Imlil safe for Tourists?

Amazigh or Berbers make up most of the people in Imlil, and the Berber culture is one of the richest. Its language, cuisine, jewelry, and customs are all unique.

people of imlil valley and Toubkal mont morocco

Maren Ueland, a 28-year-old Norwegian lady, and Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, a 24-year-old Danish woman, were found dead and beheaded in the Imlil neighborhood near the foothills of Mount Toubkal on the night of December 16 to 17, 2018. A video of some suspects professing their allegiance to the ISIS group was made public on the Internet. The murders were then classified as a terrorist act by the general prosecutor of Morocco.

The Moroccan Police have detained 18 men about the fatalities. Following that catastrophe, the local government implemented new safety regulations in Imlil and on the Armed road leading to Toubkal’s summit.

atlas mountain, Jbel Toubkal

After 3 p.m., accessing Jbel Toubkal from Armed is impossible. Set aside a spot in advance if you intend to spend the night at one of the mountain refuges, such as Les Mouflons or the Toubkal Refuge. It is permitted to camp in approved areas.

How do I travel to Imlil Valley?

You should drive for two hours to get to Imlil from Marrakech. Marrakech and Imlil are separated by around 90 kilometers. It’s a mountainous road. Even so, it’s in good condition.

Hire a taxi or use Shared Taxi

Hiring a big taxi from Marrakech is the easiest method to get to Imlil. They can be seen anywhere, in front of hotels, next to Jamee El Fena Square, or any other taxi stop. The price should range from $30 to $40. The second choice is a shared six-seat large cab. A seat to Imlil costs only a few dollars. The cab may pick up passengers on the street and be packed with locals. At the taxi stand in Bab er Robb.

Check the directions on the link on Google Maps. Many companies offer to arrange a private transfer to get you from Marrakech to Imlil. Whether you wish to use the vehicle for a whole day or only for a one-way trip will affect the cost.

Things to do in Imlil Valley

This should be your first stop to spent maximize time at Imlil Valley. The museum is ideal for parents and kids due to the interactive exhibits.

Trek to Imlil Waterfall and Azzaden Valley

The climb to the neighboring waterfall is Imlil’s simplest and easiest trek. Walking among beautiful apple and walnut trees. The distance is only a few hundred meters.

Hike to Armoud settlement: Located in the Ait Mizane Valley, Armoud is a small Berber settlement. From Imlil, it takes less than an hour to hike up. Armoud has a population of roughly 1,900 and is a more sedate and traditional place. The town of Armoud is the highest in the Ait Mizane Valley. As a base, it can be used to ascend Mount Toubkal.

Check out how the community used to be decades ago. Travel the five hours from Imlil to view this breathtaking valley. You have reached the Tizi N’Mezzik Mountain Pass. Consider the Imane Valley and At Mizane Valley’s magnificent beauty. This is a leisurely 4-hour trip at an elevation of 2500m.

imlil small waterfalls

Berber villages and the Hiking in Atlas Valleys

6 miles away from Imlil. An isolated, typically pink Berber settlement is AIT Souka. You are invited to partake in a supper with a Berber household. Every time one walks in nature, they find far more than they bargained for. Investigate the stunning High Atlas Mountains. Discover lush valleys, breathtaking canyons, and vibrant Berber settlements as you travel. Get assistance from a local Berber crew, including knowledgeable mountain guides, talented chefs, and astute mules.

This two-day journey is simple. Visit real communities and get to know the Berber people. Cross the real valleys and beautiful gorges of the mountains. Both senior folks and families with young children can enjoy this hike. The majority of the trip is easy to travel by mules.

View the bizarre landscapes and explore the surreal Berber communities. You will hike through a striking landscape with dry rock contrasting verdant valleys. Warm smiles will greet you as you travel through vibrant Berber settlements and picturesque mountain passes. Enjoy the peace of the evening in a delicate Berber village. Likewise, spend the night in a typical Berber home.

hiking in atlas valley

Imlil Valley To Setti Fatma

A small village in Morocco’s Al Haouz Province, Setti Fatma, is near Marrakech. Setti Fatma is a lovely oasis near the High Atlas mountains, located south of the Ourika Valley. Over the past ten years, the community has had a lot of visitors. Its river and seven waterfalls will win your heart. You will travel through two valleys and gorges at an elevation exceeding 3000 m.

During your tour, you will stop at eight remote Berber settlements. This 3-day walk is immensely rewarding for those who enjoy nature and culture. The Photo tour of Setti Fatma And the Seven Waterfalls Marrakech – Heaven on Earth.

Another Valley in Imlil: Ouirgane Valley

Take advantage of the opportunity to explore the settlements in the Ouirgane Valley. Small plots of land in the valley produce an abundance of food. Lunch will be made for you by neighborhood families at their homes. It will be a fantastic organic supper. I assure you that the ambiance will be amazing. But this little corner of heaven is gradually becoming more modern and welcoming visitors. Therefore, arrive before it gets too crowded. From Imlil, this hike takes three days.

valley of Ouirgane Marrakech

Hiking on Mount Toubkal

The climb up Mount Toubkal could be more technical. Cords, safety belts, and crampons are not required. Even so, it presents experienced hikers with a manageable challenge. Hikers can ascend easily during the summer. Ice and snow throughout the winter can make things more difficult. This challenge is ideal for individuals who want to accomplish something fascinating in a short time. The top is reachable via a short, two to three-day climb. Otherwise, take 5–6 days to complete a more strenuous walk.

With the second choice, you can stroll across the nearby valleys. Seize the opportunity to conquer the icy summits. Additionally, explore the genuine gorges that lead to the Ifni Lake and Berber communities.

Hiking on Mount Toubkal

Long High Atlas Traverse

This trip could last up to 18 days. However, it is the ultimate Atlas Mountain endeavor. This is one of the most distinctive mountain pathways in the world, full of wonderful cultural and ecological attractions. The wildlife portions of the expedition involve hiking through the Bouguemez Valley and climbing three of the Atlas’ tallest mountains. Additionally, you will travel to isolated Berber communities perched above extraordinary valleys.

Eat in Moroccan cuisine: Imlil Valley

Because Moroccan food has many flavors, you’ll want to eat until you’re completely satisfied. But I want to do more than enjoy the taste. I want to bring it with me back home. I want to get cooking skills in Moroccan Berber cuisine. Take time to learn about the history and culture of the area. Enjoy kind hospitality while learning to make a beef tagine. When creating your tagine, choose local, fresh vegetables. Learn about the herb garden while waiting for the lunch to be prepared. Take a seat and talk to the locals. This is calming.

Hotels in Imlil valley Marrakech

Cafes & Dining Places in Imlil Valley

Before beginning a long walk or following a day’s hike, you deserve to nourish yourself with a healthy lunch. Imlil has a few eateries that serve delicious food. Additionally, the area has a few coffee shops where you may get a strengthening espresso. The standard selection of tagines and kebabs is available. Additionally, you can order pizza, salads, and other contemporary cuisine. These are little but lovely cafés. And you will like the classic atmosphere. Bon appetite and have a precious time.

Tourists in Riad Imlil Atlas mountain

Hotels and Lodges

However, there are over 100 hotels, lodges, and guesthouses. There are several options for where you can stay the night, just a minute’s walk from Imlil’s center. You can choose wisely based on your tastes and financial constraints. Popular facilities include comfortable rooms, a complimentary breakfast, handmade food, and internet access. You can find anything you need at hotels. Small, cozy, and more conventional.

Employees who are gracious and acknowledged. Breakfast, especially, is excellent. You’ll enjoy a wonderful break in the Atlas Mountains. Get a cozy and welcoming stay on a tight budget. Have a relaxing stop and savor some delectable fare.

Hotels and Lodges at Atlas mountain,morocco


You will grasp things more fully if you look deeply into nature. A lush valley surrounds the Imlil settlement. It is located in Marrakech, Morocco, in the southeast. The mountain tourism center of Morocco is situated in the Imlil region. Around 90 kilometers separate Marrakech from Imlil. Imlil village’s access road is in good condition. The highest summit in North Africa is Toubkal.

The largest difficulty is ascending Toubkal’s top. The climb to the neighboring waterfall is Imlil’s simplest and easiest trek. It will just take you an hour to walk there. The best weather is most likely to be seen from March to November. A multi-day hike will be ideal, given the weather. Local Berbers, mountain guides, talented cooks, and cunning muleteers assist with those journeys.

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