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Join Our Round Trip In Morocco

Our round trips run for a minimum of 7 days, giving you plenty of time to explore the hidden gems of Morocco with our expert guides. From the bustling cities and old towns to the dunes of the Sahara , we’ll take you on a whirlwind adventure through the most photogenic locations in the country.

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Evolve Your Photography Skills If You Choose Photography Workshop

But it’s not just about the places we visit – we’re here to help you develop your photography skills. Our experienced instructors will be on hand to teach you practical tips and tricks that will help you take your photography to the next level. From wildlife photography to capturing the vibrant colors of Moroccan culture, we’ll help you master the techniques you need to capture stunning images every time. We will take you on expert photography journey.

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Tailored to Your Individual Needs

We understand that everyone’s interests and abilities differ, so we’ll work with you to tailor the experience to your needs. Whether you’re interested in photographing wildlife, landscapes, or people, we’ll help you create a customized itinerary that fits your interests.

Morocco Photo Tour Blog

ouzoud waterfalls morocco

A Photo Tour To Ouzoud Waterfalls Morocco and Bin El Ouidane Lake

The Ouzoud waterfalls are one of Morocco’s most popular natural attractions. This location resembles a tiny slice of heaven thanks to the surrounding Berber settlement, lush valleys, and fruit orchards. The Ouzoud Waterfalls are 150 kilometers from Marrakesh in Morocco’s Azilal area. The Ouzoud waterfalls are the tallest waterfall in Morocco, rising roughly 110 meters.

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Majorelle Garden Marrakech

The Majorelle Gardens Marrakech – An Ultimate Guide

The pinnacle of tourist attractions is Majorelle Gardens. Concealed between thick walls. The garden is home to a wide variety of international plants. The Majorelle Garden is also a fantastic and inescapable location for touching memorial portraits. Majorelle Garden’s History One of Marrakech’s most well-known historical gardens, Majorelle Gardens, was built in 1924. This stunning

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marrakech jardin menara

The Iconic Menara Gardens – A Masterpiece

An ochre building facing the snow-covered Atlas Mountains is one of the most well-liked themes on postcards from Marrakech. The Menara Gardens are located here. A destination that the locals love. The Menara Gardens cover an area of 100 hectares in the western section of Marrakech. The Almohad embellished it with olive trees at the

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Rocks and the Ocean in West Morocco

The 7 Must Visits in Essaouira Morocco – Plan it Today

A little island on Morocco’s Atlantic coast named Essaouira or Mogador is located 190 kilometers (2 hours) west of Marrakech. The aroma of fresh air and floral scents greets you when you arrive at Essaouira. The breathtaking aquatic décor astounds you constantly. Your eyes will be drawn to the vivid colors. The predominant colors in

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The Gates of the Marrakech morocco

The Historical gates of Marrakech is a Must Watch

The ancient Moroccan cities are legendary. The main components of them are the fortified walls and the limited gates of Marrakech. The kings were compelled to extend the walls’ perimeter due to the growth of the towns. They consequently had to open more towers and doorways. They also had to secure entry and leave with

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dar si said marrakech

Dar Si Said Museum Marrakech – Everything you need to know

In Marrakech, “Dar Si Said Museum” is one of the unexplored locations. However, it is the city’s oldest museum. Additionally, I advise you to go. It is more than just a collection of rugs, tapestries, and carpets. Even more fascinating than the exhibits is the building. The ambiance, architecture, and design all have a calming

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Bahia Palace

A Complete Photo Tour and Guide To Visit Bahia Palace Marrakech

This beautiful historical site is a must-see in Marrakech. It’s simple to envision how life must have been two centuries ago in the Bahia Palace. You will see the splendor of Moroccan architecture in all its stunning manifestations. The Amazing History Of The Bahia Palace Si Moussa, also known as Mr. Moise in Arabic, was

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beaches of essaouira

The Beaches Of Essaouira to Enjoy and Surf – Adventure

On Morocco’s Atlantic coast, Essaouira is a tiny port city. Excellent beaches of Essaouira, ranking among the best in the world. You can arrange a leisurely getaway or a genuine stay in Essaouira. Going to the beach is one of the greatest things in Essaouira, this lovely coastal city. The Essaouira region includes a range

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Oukaimeden Ski Station station de ski oukaimeden

A Complete Guide to Visit Oukaimeden Ski Station Morocco – A Mystery

Oukaimeden ski station Morocco is renowned for its hot climate, desert, and distinctive sceneries. But contrary to popular belief, skiing is also an option there. And in the Oukaimeden ski resort, this is the situation—less than 80 kilometers separate Marrakech from the ski resort of Oukaimeden. The highest point of the ski resorts at Oukaimeden,

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imsouane beach morocco featured image

An Ultimate Guide To Visit And Surf In Imsouane Beach

Imsouane Beach combines wild scenery with powerful waves. Imsouane was long a secret location due to the mountains that framed the beach. Forbes magazine published a list of the top 27 beaches in the world in 2017. On the Forbes list, Imsouane Beach came in at number 10. Imsouane was referred to as a surfers’

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Place Jemaa El Fna Marrakech Morocco

A Complete Guide to Visit Jemaa El Fna and Amazing Historical Facts

The Jemaa El Fna Square in Marrakech is the most famous worldwide. It serves as a street food, shopping, and entertainment location today. However, this tourist destination has a troubled past. It was initially used to call up troops and execute death penalties. In ancient times, these squares served in multi-purposes. The majority of the

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Agafay Desert Marrakech

A night in Agafay Desert & Photo Tour – An Earthen Plateau

A Gem of Marrakech The scenery of the Agafay Desert is breathtaking. The landscape is rough and large. Brown and yellow make up the hues. Cracks and rocky mountains of various sizes and shapes appeared here and there. It’s unusual to see water. Rare and sparse vegetation is present. Shades clash, and atmospheres change like

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El Badi Palace or Badi Palace

El Badi Palace Photo Tour – Opening hours and price

Sultan Ahmed al-Mansour built El Badi Palace (Palais el-Badi) at the end of the sixteenth century to mark the Portuguese defeat in the Battle of the Three Kings. Location 900 meters south of Jemaa el-Fnaa Visit Time Daily from 9 am to 5 pm. Ticket Price General: 70 dh (€ 6.4) Transport To get from

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