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The Beaches Of Essaouira to Enjoy and Surf – Adventure

On Morocco’s Atlantic coast, Essaouira is a tiny port city. Excellent beaches of Essaouira, ranking among the best in the world. You can arrange a leisurely getaway or a genuine stay in Essaouira. Going to the beach is one of the greatest things in Essaouira, this lovely coastal city. The Essaouira region includes a range of beaches that span 153 kilometers from north to south. Many beaches have considerable ecological importance, with dunes, flora, woods, and water. Some beaches, such as Moulay Bouzarqtoun, Sidi Kaouki, and Imsouane, are well-known worldwide. Others are concealed places. Here are the top beaches in Essaouira that you should check out if you’re there.

The List of Beaches in Essaouira to Surf and Enjoy

The City Beach Essaouira

Here, you may experience a stunning sunset while soothed by the river’s sound. In the height of summer, the beach is big enough to provide shade for the entire city. Throughout the summer, the winds bring a surprising freshness to this area. The town’s beach has good sand and an excellent bay view. Throughout the year, winds blow. The city has become a well-known surfing and kiteboarding destination as a result. You will find unique spots to try nearby, whether a beginner or an expert. Additionally, you can travel around Mogador Island on a brief tour by tourist boat, camel, or horseback.

Beaches Of Essaouira

Location of The City Beach

Diabat Beach Essaouira

You can find the lovely Diabat beach south of Essaouira Beach. The soft sand promotes relaxation and sunbathing. There are the remains of an 18th-century castle right on the beach. In this scene, the waves violently crash. Allow yourself to ride on the back of a horse, camel, or even a quad for an unforgettable experience.

Beaches Of Essaouira

Sidi Kaouki Beach Essaouira

Are you a fan of the outdoors? What about surfing? Maybe they want to unwind. The finest option for you might be this lovely beach. The Sidi Kaouki eco-tourist town, located close to Essaouira, was named one of the Best Tourism Villages of the World by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in 2021. A little community called Sidi Kaouki is around 25 kilometers via the P2201 south of Essaouira. One of the most beautiful beaches on the Atlantic coast of Morocco may be found in the hamlet.

Additionally, the weather is lovely. The community of Sidi Kaouki offers a wide range of lodging options. Camping gives way to opulent riads and mansions. Please read our Complete Guide To Visit Sidi Kaouki Beach for more inspiration.


Location of Sidi Kaouki Beach

Imsouane Beach Essaouira

Ninety-five kilometers south of Essaouira is the town of Imsouane. Imsouane was a well-kept secret for a very long time because of the peaks that framed the beach. It is referred to as the Magic Bay by the locals. Forbes magazine compiled a list of the world’s top 27 beaches in 2017. According to Forbes, Imsouane Beach is ranked ninth. Imsouane is a surfing paradise. Imsouane is home to Africa’s longest wave. The waves range in height from 600 to 800 meters in a good season. The climate is significantly more pleasant and milder throughout the entire year. The surfing season runs from November to March when it is constantly active.

Imsouane Beach Essaouira morocco

Every day, you’ll experience consistent swells and large waves. You can read our Complete Guide To Visit And Surf In Imsouane for more information.

Location of Imsouane Beach Essaouira

Cap Sim Beach Essaouira

The distance between Cap Sim Beach and Essaouira is 6 kilometers. You will locate this stunning beach beyond the dunes. It’s unexpected to see the Atlantic Ocean. A lighthouse on Cap Sim was built in 1917. The architecture of the lighthouse is characteristic of the early 20th century. There is also a forest of juniper, argan, eucalyptus, and acacia trees on Cap Sim.

Cap Sim Beach Essaouira

Location of Cap Sim Beach Essaouira and Guest Houses at Beach

Iftane Beach Essaouira

The best place to experience total calm is on this isolated beach. A small fishing community called Iftane is situated in a beautiful bay. This lovely location is charming by fishing boats on the shore. There is a big sandy beach in Iftane. The towering cliffs command attention and shield the coastline from breezes. Sidi Ahmed Essayeh Beach is another name for Iftane Beach.

Iftane Beach Essaouira

Location of Iftane Beach and Resorts

Tafedna Beach Essaouira

South of Essaouira lies a tiny fishing and farming community called Tafedna. Blue boats line the beach in front of the settlement. A substantial stretch of sand surrounds the bay. Oceanside dunes are present. And just beyond there, a river empties into the ocean. The vista is breathtaking, and this secluded location is a refuge of serenity. Time has halted in this place. Lovers of a pristine environment and a gorgeous sandy beach will be satisfied with Tafedna.

Tafedna Beach Essaouira

Location of Tafedna Beach Essaouira and Resorts

Moulay Bouzerktoun Beach

If you wish to enjoy the peace and raw beauty of the Moulay Bouzerktoun beach, we have a little bit of heaven to give you. Additionally, Moulay Bouzerktoun is the place to go if you want to practice windsurfing, kitesurfing, or surfing on the Atlantic coast. Only 15 kilometers separate this community from Essaouira. However, it will provide you with something unique, a little nostalgic, and serene. This fishing town is within driving distance in approximately 30 minutes. The waves in Moulay Bouzerktoun are often magnificent and violent. Because of this, it is a location only for skilled surfers.

Moulay Bouzerktoun Beach Essaouira

Location of Moulay Bouzerktoun Beach and Resorts

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