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An Ultimate Guide To Visit Sidi Kaouki, Sidi Kaouki Beach Essaouira in 2024-2025.

One of the most stunning beaches on the Atlantic coast of Morocco is Sidi Kaouki Beach. Photographers, surfers, and lovers of untamed vistas are all in orbit. The ocean turns a turquoise blue tone here. The waves touch golden sands.The picturesque argan and thuja forest traverse the winding road to Sidi Kaouki. You will be dropping gradually toward the vast blue ocean. There is a van-filled parking lot at the end of the road.

The Beautiful Sidi Kaouki Beach In Essaouira

Now in front of you lies a vast, nearly uninhabited beach. One of the top beaches in Essaouira that you must visit is Sidi Kaouki. As far as the eye could see, the enormous dunes extended toward the southern shores. Introducing Sidi Kaouki! Opposite the parking lot is a recognizable white marabout. The saint of the community is interred beneath the mausoleum’s white dome. This marabout is responsible for the beach’s name. Who, though, was Sidi Kaouki? According to some legends, he was a veterinarian who rescued goats from a plague pandemic.

Others claimed he was a Middle Eastern lord who had traveled there for peace. Various variants exist. Local Berber pilgrims used to come to ask for the holy man’s baraka (luck). Today, visitors worldwide who use board sports equipment seek the thrill of surfing.

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How Can I reach Sidi Kaouki Beach?

Via the P2201 route, Sidi Kaouki is located 25 kilometers south of Essaouira. Drive You can reach the resort in less than 30 minutes if you use a car. From Essaouira, catch a bus in the general direction of Sidi Kaouki. These buses take around 40 minutes, and a 7dh ticket is required. Using a shared taxi by paying 15 Dhs, you can sit in the cab. Pay 100 Dhs to rent the whole car.

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What Time is Ideal For A Trip To Sidi Kaouki Beach?

The weather is good during the middle of the year. These are the busiest months: January and August. During certain months, hotel and airfare costs could be high.

Safety Information to Consider at Sidi Kaouki Beach

Remember the currents when swimming in Sidi Kaouki because this is not the Mediterranean. On the beach, sunburn is almost a common issue. So, remember to bring sunblock UV60 in your bag. After, though, is a different tale. The wind most aids UV rays. When traveling to Morocco, keep yourself well-protected!

Visit Windy Sidi Kaouki Beach

In the 1970s, Sidi Kaouki Beach was popular with hippies. Windsurfers, kitesurfers, and surfers replaced them. A strong northeast wind is battering the Sidi Kaouki beach. Beyond the marabou, a wind farm has been planted. You can appreciate the strength of the winds here by the sea when you view this farm. If the wind is a treat for windsurfers, it is also for those who enjoy ocean views. On the outskirts of the argan trees it is sculpting ephemeral dunes.

Sidi Kaouki to Essaouira Morocco

Sidi Kaouki Beach’s Water quality and Temperature

You feel as though you are touching the planet’s edge when you are near the Atlantic coast. When you play about with the ocean, another feeling appears. It is fresh water. This is not an impression, either. The water is chilly at several beaches along Morocco’s Atlantic coast, ranging in temperature from 15 °C in winter to 21 °C in summer.

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Things to do at Sidi Kaouki Beach

Umbrella for relaxation: Enjoy some well-earned leisure by treating yourself. You may rent beach chairs and umbrellas for a few Moroccan dirhams.

Appart Hotel Kaouki Beach Residence Kaouki Beach

Surfing: Kiteboarding and wave surfing. Numerous clubs in the village rent out gear for windsurfers. In the vicinity of Sidi Kaouki beach, many businesses provide quad biking tours.

Surf at Essaouira and Sidi Kaouki beach

Beachside Walk: Walk or run along the endless stretches of undeveloped beaches in the morning. In Sidi Kaouki, Essaouira, numerous organizations provide yoga and surf camps. In the vicinity of Sidi Kaouki, many businesses provide quad biking tours. riding a horse along a wind-swept beach. The village has numerous clubs that offer equestrian riding. Enjoy a thrilling camel ride. You can always count on the camel drivers for a photo tour near the marabout and the parking lot.

Restaurants and Food at Sidi Beach

Snacks are arranged on the tiny plaza between the parking lot and the marabout. These snacks provide wholesome meals. A reasonable price is charged for the fish, salad, pizzas, and tagines on the menu. Avoid empty businesses for a higher guarantee of product freshness. Sit in a populated area! High-end cuisine is available at many Sidi Kaouki restaurants. Of course, with the associated cost.

Visit Sidi Kaouki Beach

Resorts, Raids and Villas at Sidi Beach

Sidi Kaouki offers a surprising selection of lodging for a small community. This is your best choice if you visit Sidi Kaouki with your family. Beautiful views may be found in many hotel rooms. Sidi Kaouki’s 3-star hotels typically cost between $30 and $70 per night. Families and couples should consider riads and villas as alternatives. In Sidi Kaouki, there are a lot of riads and villas that provide good service. This is the greatest option if you want to be near the ocean. The beach is just across the street from where you may park your truck in the camping area.

Rebali Riads at Sidi Kaouki Essaouira

Riads at Sidi kaouki beach

SunSki Resorts at Sidi Kaouki Beach

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