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A Story About When I Had an Accident, but Despite my Fears, I was Pleasantly Surprised by the Medical Care in the Moroccan Hospital.

My Visit to Morocco

On road of Morocco

When I participated in a photo tour in Morocco in May of this year (2023), I didn’t plan on getting accident or life insurance beforehand. However, my partner insisted that I get it, so I ended up getting it.

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Actually, they were right because during one of our tours, while we were driving, I noticed a group of nesting birds that found a spot on the settlement. We quickly stopped, and I got out of the car – wearing flip-flops, of course – and then I slipped from the steep cliff while protecting my expensive camera with my left arm. However, I couldn’t cushion the impact of the fall… Boom…

Hospitals in morocco marrakech

Unfortunately, I slipped from the cliff. The outcome was a partial shoulder muscle tear, abrasions, and such, and I was quite scared about where to go for medical treatment in Morocco. I started looking up hospitals and reading reviews on Google. In the end, I chose the General Hospital in Casablanca, which was a one-and-a-half-hour drive from the accident site, but it seemed to be the best hospital, and it proved to be true because I found myself in a very modern hospital. Thanks to God and my partner’s insistence on getting insurance, I didn’t have to pay anything, as all the expenses were covered by the insurance company afterwards.

So, always get insurance and don’t hesitate to spend money on it. It can be really helpful in case of emergencies!”

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