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The Photo tour of Setti Fatma And the Seven Waterfalls Marrakech – Heaven on Earth

The final douar that can be reached from Marrakech by car is Setti Fatma. It serves as the starting point for daily walks and excursions. The seven waterfalls are one reason some visitors travel. And still, more people travel there to hike the area’s hilly paths. However, everyone concurs that you must go here while you are in Morocco.

Setti Fatma, who was she?

The famous scholar’s famous daughter, Setti Fatma, was an ascetic. People recall this woman as a just and widely acknowledged defender of religious customs. She excelled academically and was highly respected by her peers. Her exceptional intellect was revealed in several jurisprudential disciplines. Furthermore, she was suited to teach due to her eagerness and energy. She reportedly used to dress in what some reports claimed looked like men’s clothing. The pious lady was often harassed as a result of her peculiar attitude. She used to go between the villages outside of Marrakesh to avoid people. Setti Fatma eventually made a home in one of the Ourika Valley’s valleys.

The Zawiya of Siti Fatma was the name given to this valley. She later got married and turned her home into a haven for the downtrodden, the helpless, and the alien. She helped travelers, the ill, and orphans with her time and money. She also made a great contribution to settling interpersonal and tribal conflicts. Her home had significant sway over social, political, and religious affairs. In the entire area, it served as a minaret of wisdom.

Photo Tour of Seven Waterfall

Where should I go in Setti Fatma?

The Ourika Valley’s Setti Fatma is a modest, charming Berber settlement divided by a river. The river is either calm or turbulent depending on the season. Overcoming the seven waterfalls in the heights, however, is the main obstacle.

First Waterfall: A Short Distance

A 30-minute stroll will get you to the First waterfall. There is a trail that winds between the rocks and tiny waterways that leads there. A little pool can be seen at the base of the waterfall. Locals and visitors alike utilize this pool to cool off after the climb during the sweltering summer months. Restaurants and bars around provide you with well-earned respite.

Do you desire more adventure?

There will be fewer people the more you walk. There are fewer and fewer people visiting the waterfalls above. However, the summer heat is to be avoided! It can be extremely hot during the daytime even at high altitudes. The six additional waterfalls are waiting for you when you reach a greater altitude. To walk down a short trail toward the woods, it will take you around 2 hours and 30 minutes. Your reward will be the opportunity to witness the Berber macaques, the magnificent valley, and its douars.

Final Words

You can hire a qualified mountain guide for both short hikes and lengthy adventures. You can modify the hikes to match your expectations and degree of fitness with the aid of guides. One day spent in a bivouac or a true mountain excursion lasting many days are both options. The Oukaimeden peaks can also be reached via the paths departing from Setti Fatma.

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