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A night in Agafay Desert & Photo Tour – An Earthen Plateau

A Gem of Marrakech

The scenery of the Agafay Desert is breathtaking. The landscape is rough and large. Brown and yellow make up the hues. Cracks and rocky mountains of various sizes and shapes appeared here and there. It’s unusual to see water. Rare and sparse vegetation is present. Shades clash, and atmospheres change like a song throughout the day.

How Can I Get From Marrakech To The Agafay Desert?

Most firms provide pick-up and drop-off services from your Marrakech hotel. The approximate travel distance from Marrakech to the Agafay desert is 35 kilometers (22 miles). From Marrakech, it takes less than an hour to drive this distance. You must go for at least nine hours to reach the Merzouga Sand Desert. If you prefer to avoid spending your holiday in a car, the Agafay Desert is better than the Sahara Desert.

Weather in the Agafay Desert: Mind Blowing

Agafay has what is referred to as a local steppe climate. Throughout the year, there is little rain. The wettest month is February, with an average of 42 mm. August is the warmest month, with an average temperature of 28 °C (82 °F). The maximum temperature is 37 °C (99 °F). If you choose to visit during that time, you can sweat from areas you were unaware you had. The overnight low in January can be 4 (°C) or 39 (°F). Bring your heaviest, thickest coat to spend the night there.

Activities to do in The Agafay Desert

There are many activities that might fill your day or night, from hard to soft.

Lalla Takerkoust Lake flyboard, Takerkoust Lake: I love Water Sports 😉

In the 1920s, the French constructed the Takerkoust dame. They intend to supply the city with energy and clean water. It is now a well-liked entertainment place for both residents and visitors. It is not permitted to swim in Takerkoust Lake. But here, water sports are a favorite pastime. Jet skiing, wakeboarding, flyboarding, and other activities are all possible. You’ll experience incredible exhilaration from those nautical sports. Don’t worry if you need more expertise and require instruction. There are always coaches available to help you get started.

Trip to Lalla Takerkoust Lake Marrakech

A Photo Tour of Water Sports

Camel Ride in the Agafay Desert with Sunset and Beloved 🙂

Do you aware that desert caravans have once traversed this area? This is indeed the route that leads from the Sahara Desert to the Atlantic Ocean. So ride a camel over the same route and pet the animal’s fur. Feel the scent of the air mingled with its perfume, and it is crazy, really. It’s fascinating to see this bedouin landscape. You’ll feel like you’re living in the past! So take a moment to stop and take in the magnificent sunset spectacle. The constant flow of violet, pink, and orange in the sky will remove you from the ground!

Atlas Mountains and Agafay Desert Tour from Marrakech and Camel ride

O Yes, Can you believe? Omg! The sight is real and mind blowing. It will recharge your youthful memories.

A Photo Tour of Camel Ride in Agafay Desert

Desert buggy car and a quad bike: Like Beach Buggy Blitz 😉

You’ll become incredibly dusty! So, consider the clothing you wish to wear. They ought to be at ease as well. A full- or half-day quad bike tour is available in the Takerkoust Dam and the Agafay Desert.

A Photo Tour of Desert Buggy Blitz:Rent A Buggy

Overnight in the Agafay Desert: Silence must be heard

A desert night is among the best experiences one can have. In that order, you may observe the clouds changing in a lovely motion at sunset in the Agafay Desert, from orange to pink to violet. Darkness begins to spread toward the horizon gradually. The stars begin to shine timidly. The air is crisp and delicious, gently sweeping the room. The silent darkness is at the door. You can now listen to the desert’s sounds. Then pay attention to your inner voice. Listen to your heart beat and feel the rhythm. Play the song of Enrique Iglesias, all I neeeeeeeeed it is rhythm devine, last in the music your heart will be mine. O yeah, it is my favorite song.

A Special Meal Experience: Lunch & Dinner in Berber Tents

Try a home-cooked Berber tagine amid the Agafay desert’s open space. Enjoy the seasonal, local fruits that are fresh. Savor the stimulating mint tea.


Most travelers to Marrakech and Morocco like safaris in the Sahara desert. Making this trip is only sometimes feasible, though. The minimum advised duration for a desert excursion starting in Marrakech is three days. The Agafay desert is a good substitute for the Sahara Desert if you need more time to get there. Marrakech is close (the drive takes less than an hour). However, it has the advantage of being far from the densely crowded neighborhood.

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