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Visit Cap Sim Beach (Cape Sim) In Essaouira

Cap Sim Beach is a lovely Berber settlement 6 kilometers south of Essaouira. Cap Sim, located south of Essaouira, exhibits the size and magnificence of its dunes. You will find the lovely beach beyond the dunes. Seeing the Atlantic Ocean from the top of the cliffs is unexpected. On one side is Sidi Kaouki, and on the other is Essaouira. Cap Sim is undoubtedly a top pick among the beaches in Essaouira.

Essaouira’s Cap Sim Beach (Cape Sim) Location and CapSimBay beach cottages Reviews

Cap Sim Beach morocco

The Cap Sim is stunning, and only a few miles from Essaouira!

The 1917-built Cap Sim Lighthouse, which was finished, is an example of early 20th-century architecture. The Cap Sim Lighthouse may be seen at sea for 33.7 kilometers, or 21 miles. This one is one of the few remaining lighthouses with glass Fresnel lenses set around the bulb. Additionally, the rotation is stabilized by a mercury bath at the base.

Cap sim beach Esaquira Morocco

Cap Sim Forest Cape Sim has a large juniper, argan, eucalyptus, and acacia tree population. Visiting wild creatures on the rocky trails through the forest is normal. You’ll spot goats, sheep, cows, or even wild camels.

You will arrive at a location covered with dunes after a 30-minute journey south of Essaouira. You will travel down narrow roads through juniper and white broom trees towards the ocean and pass the Cap Sim lighthouse before heading down to the coastline and on to Sidi Kaouki, passing via the sleepy fishing community of Tagenza. It will be lunchtime at Sidi Kaouki. You’ll travel a different route after lunch, where you’ll see stunning views of the surrounding countryside, the sea, and abandoned dunes.

A Ride to Cap Sim (Cape Sim) Beach In Essaouira

Travel in the direction of Agadir. Turn right towards Sidi Kaouki after about ten kilometers. Turn right and proceed along the field of wind turbines to reach the beach village of Sidi Kaouki. You can ride a horse or a quad to get to the little settlement from Essaouira Beach.

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Things to do in Cap Sim Beach (Cape Sim) Beach

Numerous trails go to the Cap Sim lighthouse. You may take in the view of the coastline and the surrounding countryside from the lighthouse’s summit. You can go on long walks in Cap Sim on foot, on horseback, in a quad, or even on the backs of camels. You can participate in water sports if you are more athletic. Windsurfing, kitesurfing, and surfing are all common beach activities.

lighthouse of Cap Sim Beach

It is completed in 1917 and it is typical of early 20th-century architecture model.

Cap Sim Beach forest

Juniper, argan, eucalyptus, and acacia trees are found on Cape Sim Beach. Visiting wild creatures on the rocky trails through the forest is normal. You’ll spot goats, sheep, cows, or even wild camels.

Sunset View of Cap Sim (Cape Sim) Beach In Essaouira

Cap Sim Beach sunset

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