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A Complete Guide to Visit Oukaimeden Ski Station Morocco – A Mystery

Oukaimeden ski station Morocco is renowned for its hot climate, desert, and distinctive sceneries. But contrary to popular belief, skiing is also an option there. And in the Oukaimeden ski resort, this is the situation—less than 80 kilometers separate Marrakech from the ski resort of Oukaimeden. The highest point of the ski resorts at Oukaimeden, which are in the High Atlas, is 3000 meters above sea level. The highest point in North Africa and the snowiest place in Morocco is the Oukaimden station. Thus, a one-hour ski trip from Marrakech is feasible. In this country of North Africa, this perfectly prepared ski resort is a true privilege.

Things To Do in Oukaimeden Ski Station

There are other activities besides Oukaimden skiing. Aside from ski slopes, the Oukaimeden region includes many dining and lodging options. On top of the Ourika Valley is where you’ll find the Oukaimeden station. Excellent promenades are also feasible there. You’ll experience a stunning spectacle and a genuine shift in scenery throughout the trek. The ski resorts in Oukaimeden open in December and conclude in late April. Consult the weather forecast to learn more.

Oukaimeden Ski Station oukaimeden

How Is Oukaimeden Skiing and Slopes Feel?

There are three green runs, four blue runs, eight red runs, and three black runs at the Okamiden station. There are no snow cannons in the neighborhood. There is a natural snow cover. Therefore, it may or may not be important. Beginners should avoid the northern slopes. But even for skilled skiers, they are difficult. There are no groomed or marked trails. This makes them challenging. Helicopter drop-offs are now available at the resort. Skiers and snowboarders with experience travel to off-piste slopes. You can admire the large, undeveloped areas here.

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Helicopter to travel to Oukaimeden Ski Station Mountains

Amateurs are included as well. A chairlift was recently put into operation. Seasonally, a cafeteria is available at the summit of the mountain. Five ski lifts are accessible at the bottom of the slopes during the snowy season for less experienced people. Five ski lifts offer lifts at lower altitudes, and the chairlift transports you to the mountain’s summit. They are not all used, depending on the amount of snow.

Skiing in Morocco Oukaimeden Ski Station Mountain

Ticket Price of a chairlift ride in Oukaimeden Ski Station?

You can buy one lift for 20 MAD. 100 MAD for the entire day and 50 MAD for half a day (1$ is approximately 10 MAD).

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Where To Stay In The Ski Station Oukaimeden?

You can find lodging at the French Alpine Club to spend the night in the Oukaimeden ski resorts. Additionally, you can locate a dorm for less money. At the Courchevel Hotel, you can pay more to take advantage of all the amenities offered by a three-star facility. A day of skiing is included in the package for 100 MAD (about $10). Locals in the Oukaimeden Village offer to transport the machinery on donkeys. A unique location is the Oukaimeden ski area. You may also take a donkey ride to get to this traditional location.

Ski Resort in Oukaimeden

How To reach at Ski Resort in Oukaimeden?

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Helicopter service is available from Marrakech and other Moroccan cities to Oukameden. Many businesses provide this service. Finding out about the snow conditions is preferable. To determine whether you must supply special equipment (chains or snow tires). It is accessible from several Marrakech departure locations. The collective taxi is a convenient but expensive mode of transportation. Your door will be picked up, and you will be dropped off in front of the inn. A single taxi can accommodate up to five passengers. They have buses (with seating for 4 to 50 people each), making them more suited for small or large parties. Many hotels in Marrakech provide transportation and excursions to the Oukaimeden ski resorts.

Ski Resort in Oukaimeden hotel

Summer Tour In Oukaimeden

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In contrast to Marrakech, Oukaimeden never gets hotter than 25C/77F in the summer. Tourists, birdwatchers, hikers, walkers, and climbers share the area. Mountain bikes, motorcycles, and quads can all be seen in Oukaimeden during the summer. The Ultra-Trail Atlas Toubkal (UTAT), which takes place in the fall, attracts an increasing number of extreme runners. An experienced-only mountain race, the UTAT. The equipment costs approximately 150 MAD (15 USD) every day.

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