El Badi Palace or Badi Palace

Free Tips to visit El Badi Palace with Photo Tour – Opening hours and price

Sultan Ahmed al-Mansour built El Badi Palace (Palais el-Badi) at the end of the sixteenth century to mark the Portuguese defeat in the Battle of the Three Kings.

Location900 meters south of Jemaa el-Fnaa
Visit TimeDaily from 9 am to 5 pm.
Ticket PriceGeneral: 70 dh (€ 6.4)
TransportTo get from Jemaa el-Fna, you will have to take the street Rue Riad Zitoun el Kdim, on the south end of the square.
Nearby PlacesSaadian Tombs (301 m)
Bahia Palace (480 m)
Dar Si Said (583 m)
Jemaa el-Fnaa (914 m)
Koutoubia Mosque (965 m)
Map of El Badi Palace in Marrakesh

We have to rely on the patio’s immense size and historians to understand how it was when it had just been built because the palace is currently in ruins. Over 300 rooms reportedly made up “The Incomparable” (El Badii), a palace with gold, turquoise, and crystal decorations. When Sultan Ismail Ibn Sharif chose to shift the Moroccan capital from Marrakech to Meknes at the end of the seventeenth century, the structure began to collapse. He fully gutted the palace as he was doing it.

Minbar Koutoubia

The Koutoubia Minbar (pulpit) is located inside El Badi Palace. It is composed of cedar wood and was decorated in the twelfth century by artists working in Cordoba with marquetry and tiny gold and silver script.

Adorable El Badi Palace

You’ll adore El Badi Palace if you’ve ever enjoyed visiting the Roman Forum in Rome or have fantasies about visiting the Acropolis in Athens. You may get a sense of the grandness of the building from its enormous wrecked courtyard. Remember to climb the walls of El Badi if you plan to go there for one of the best views of Marrakech.

We advise hiring a native English-speaking guide if you want to explore the interior and learn more about these spectacular remains. If not, skip some of the palace’s most significant features, such as the dungeons.

Photo Tour of El Badi Palace

Final Words

Please make a plan with your girlfriend or wife if you are married. It will be good to visit Al-Badi palace with your family. If you are alone, then make a connection with a solo traveler. Women in Morocco are also available to give you company if you plan to visit alone.

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El Badi Palace Palace website: https://badipalace.com/

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