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Dar Si Said Museum Marrakech – Everything you need to know

In Marrakech, Dar Si Said Museum is one of the unexplored locations. However, it is the city’s oldest museum. Additionally, I advise you to go. It is more than just a collection of rugs, tapestries, and carpets. Even more fascinating than the exhibits is the building.

The ambiance, architecture, and design all have a calming effect. The museum also contains a section on carpet history. The admission price is reasonable. There are few visitors to this museum, so there are few distractions for photographers. But you need more information in English to satisfy you.

The Location and Route to Dar Si Said Museum Marrakech

The History of Dar Si Said Museum

One of the most spectacular examples of a house in Marrakech is the museum known as “Dar Si Said” (House of Mr. Said in Arabic). This elegant and historic home was built in the nineteenth century. His ancestor was Said ben Moussa. He is the brother of the Bahia Palace’s architect, Grand Vizier Ahmed ben Moussa. Said ben Moussa served as Sultan Abdul-Aziz’s Minister of War. This man was described as a firm and knowledgeable jurist by historians.

This property’s owner passed away in 1914. Additionally, “Dar Si Said” became the home of the Marrakesh region’s monarch during the period under French protection. The General Administration of Fine Arts and Archeology assumed control of the house’s administration in 1930. And it was transformed into a museum and traditional artisan workshops. The home was split into two halves in 1957. The first section consists of customary crafts. Antique galleries can be found in the second section.

The Dar Si Said Museum Marrakech design a must see place

The Building Structure and Design of “Dar Si Said Museum”

There are two Riad in the home. A large riad with four enormous halls and a compact riad with a medium-sized hall. In addition to the main level, which acts as the body of the house. The upper floor has outstanding architectural features. It illustrates the enduring style that has distinguished Marrakesh homes over the past 100 years.

dar si said marrakech design and history

The Museum of Dar Si Said Museum

Some items from the colonial period were forcibly transported outside of the nation. The museum’s management ensured that countless masterpieces were returned when the mansion was converted into a prominent museum. The museum houses many pricey historical masterpieces from Morocco, including the Marrakech region. Only in this old home can one still view some of the masterpieces. The majority of the antiquities are metal and wooden collections. There are several ceramic and pottery pieces and numerous silver women’s ornaments. They are some traditional weapons as well.

Dar Si Said Museum marrakech morocco

The Marshall Tub

Around 1008 AD, this tank was created in Andalusia. The hajib of the Cordoba-based Umayyad Caliphate mandated its building. A single marble block was used to develop the tank out of white marble. It is 28 cm high, 70 cm wide, and 1.57m long. The Madinat al-Zahira marble company in Cordoba created this tank.

Dar Si Said Marble Tank

The tank was brought to Marrakech by Ali ben Youssef, who set it up in the Great Mosque’s ablution area. It is a lavishly carved tank. In the name of God and the Blessing of God, there is a Kufic inscription on one of these faces. God bless and grant the Chamberlain victory. The sword of the kingdom, a champion of religion, and a restraint on those who prayed with others. Abdul Marwan, May God give him more time. He instructed me to perform some of this.

Patterns in two groups portraying the same scene can be seen in the right panel: An eagle with partially spread wings and horned gazelles below.

The Saadian Door and Monumental Gate

During the Saadian era (XVI century), this door was created. It is 2.65 meters wide and 4.72 meters high. The two shutters on this huge door were fashioned of cedarwood. A gilded metal plate serves as the threshold on the lower portion of the door.

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