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The Historical gates of Marrakesh is a Must Watch in 2024

The historical gates of Marrakech stand as iconic symbols within the legendary ancient Moroccan cities. These fortified walls, the main components, witnessed the expansion of towns, prompting kings to extend their perimeter. Consequently, more towers and doorways were opened, alongside basements and apertures, facilitating entry and exit.

The Almoravid sultans’ rule began an interest in forts and gates. The Marinids and Sa’dis followed the Almohad caliphs. The city of Marrakesh served as a secure stopping point for caravans leaving the desert. It was a significant hub for trade in the eyes of caravan traders.

The List of 8 Historical gates of Marrakech

Gate Agnaou Marrakech

The Agnaou door separates the 19 Marrakesh gates. The barrier between the royal Kasbah from the rest of the city is an interior door. The 12th century, under the reign of the Almohad Caliph Abd al-Mumin bin Ali al-Koumi, saw the construction of this masterpiece. “Agnaou” is the Amazigh word for door, which is Aknau. It denotes silence.

Especially Sub-Saharan Africans were referred to as Al-Ajam (Non-Arab) by the Moroccans. This door is located in the old medina’s southern direction.

Bab Agnaou gate of Marrakesh historical gates in Marrakesh

Doukkala Gate Marrakesh

One of the principal entrances to Marrakesh’s ancient city walls is the Doukkala Gate. This door leads to the Bab Doukkala mosque and is found on the city’s western side. The Doukkala Gate comprises two substantial towers, and a passageway connects them to the ancient city’s core.

This door’s name, “Doukkala,” refers to the region close to Marrakesh. This gate was used by caravans traveling to and from the “Doukkala” and “Chaouia” plains. Built during the Almohad era is this door.

Bab Doukkala gate of marrakech

Gate Bab Er-Robb Marrakesh

The Bab Er-Robb is one of Marrakech’s 19 doorways. The Almohads ruled at the time it was built. Additionally, it is situated south of the city, close to the Agnaou gate. And because of the Er-Robb drink, we gave the Gate of Er-Robb its name. This berry and fig-based beverage was quite popular. This beverage has a reputation for being consumed by the Almohads.

Some scholars issued a fatwa declaring it unlawful to stop it from spreading. Therefore, outside the city, the merchant concealed its sale next to this entrance. And everyone who connects the name of the drink with the door.

Gate Bab Er-Robb Marrakech the historical gates of Marrakesh

Tanners’ Gate, or Bab Eddabaguines Marrakesh

One of the city’s oldest doorways, this gate originates from the Almoravid period. Over the years and centuries that followed, this door underwent numerous renovations. However, it still maintains its reputation for culture, tourism, and archaeological brilliance. The name of this door is a result of the neighboring tanneries. On the eastern face of the Marrakesh Wall, between Bab Ilan and Bab Yantan, there are three open doors.

Tanners Gate or Bab Eddabaguines 1

Bab Fes Gate – bab el khemis Marrakesh

or El-Khamis’ (Thursday in Arabic) door. It is a gate leading into the old city of Marrakesh. One of the first doors constructed on the Marrakesh Wall is this one. It was erected concurrently with the eastern section’s wall construction. This section is located in the historic city wall’s northern facade.

bab el khemis Bab Fes Gates of marrakech historical gates

Bab Essalha Gate Marrakesh

One of the original doors in the old wall, it is. Its construction was timed to the fence’s construction. It persisted into the Middle Ages. After that, for reasons that are yet unknown, it vanished. But Al-Saliha’s name was inscribed on the door forever. “Salalaha Garden” is the name of the area’s landscape, located south of the Almoravid city. During the rule of Caliph Abi Yaqoub Yusuf, it was called “Houma Al-Saliha.”

Bab Ahmar Gate

Bab is located in the Kasbah’s existing southern wall. Its proximity to the Awlad Ahmar (sons of Ahmar) tribe on a main thoroughfare. This explains the name. It is away from the Almoravid wall and outside. It was a portion of the lush meadow known as the Garden of Saliha under the Almoravids’ dominion.

One of the accomplishments of the eighteenth century was the creation of the door, which was brand-new. It served a community close to the palace and was an egress. People of color who worked for Royale Palace lived in this area.

Bab Ahmar Gates of marrakech morocco

Bab Agmat-gate

It serves as one of the towers’ outlets on the eastern side of the city walls. Two enormous, ages-old arches that have endured many eras make up the entryway of Agmat. Outside the historic center of Marrakesh sits this door. It is accessible via the street connecting the Bab Ilan and Bouskri area and the Sidi Mohamed Ben Saleh corner.

Bab Agmat gates of marrakech

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