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An Ultimate Guide to Visit 900 Years Old Koutoubia Mosque In Marrakech

The Koutoubia mosque’s minaret may be heard issuing the call to prayer in the heart of Marrakech. However, the appeal has yet to receive a response during this Ramadan. One of the biggest and oldest mosques in the country is the Koutoubia Mosque. It served as a location for Marrakesh locals to offer Tarawih prayers throughout the blessed month of Ramadan. A typical sight was visible. Hundreds of international tourists lined up on the edges of the mosque’s courtyards, thinking and the congested courtyards of believers praying. The atmosphere of Tarawih is distinct. But mosques must stop offering Friday prayers as the Coronavirus spreads nationwide. The Corona epidemic blocked this year’s version of the scene.

First Time in History: Closed Koutoubia Mosque

Early in March, officials closed mosques to stop the epidemic’s spread. The authorities declared a month-long health emergency on March 20. Additionally, to contain the Coronavirus, the government limited movement around the nation. Authorities later extended the procedures for an additional month on April 20. Therefore, the state of emergency lasts at least until the conclusion of the auspicious month of Ramadan. The Ministry of Interior also declared the implementation of a nighttime curfew. You are not permitted to leave your house between seven in the evening and five in the morning during Ramadan.

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Continuous Prayer from Past Nine Century

The Almohad caliph, Abd al-Mumin bin Ali, constructed the Koutoubia Mosque in 1146 in the heart of Marrakesh. The Koutoubia Mosque held a significant position in both politics and religion. It was also the center of allegiance to the Moroccan sultans and the starting point for armies marching to Andalusia. This mosque has served as a place of worship for Marrakech residents for many years. Even throughout French rule (1912–1956), prayers continued unabated in the Koutoubia Mosque. No historian has documented a disruption of the Tarawih prayers. To combat the spread of Corona, the government has now decided to shut down the nation’s mosques.

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The Koutoubia transforms becomes Marrakech residents’ first stop during Ramadan. For the Tarawih prayers, they flocked in their thousands to the mosque. You can hear boisterous shouts and look at devotees’ crowded squares here. Hundreds of foreign visitors wait in line to observe tens of thousands of devotees knelt. But this year’s Ramadan lacks the usual festive spirit. The Koutoubia mosque’s Tarawih ambiance was a popular destination for tourists. Tourists arrived during the prayer to partake in this spiritual experience. Many tourists were persuaded to convert to Islam by the spiritual atmosphere. 20 to 25 people convert each month at the Koutoubia Mosque. Who are primarily from Western nations?

A Photo Tour Koutoubia Mosque In Marrakech
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